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Hapara Teacher Dashboard

Hapara Teacher Dashboard provides two main benefits to learning:
  1. Visibility of every students' work within our GAFE system; providing a real benefit to monitoring student learning and cyber citizenship.
  2. The ability to share and distribute documents to an individual, the class, or groups of students.
  3. Monitoring email usage across your class.

Links to each classes' Teacher Dashboard are here:
Here are some key aspects for using Hapara Teacher Dashboard with your students:
  1. View files in Google Drive - introduction to the dashboard for Google Drive. Learn what you can see, and how you can access docs.
  2. Smart Copy - the ability to 'push out' items to students - video tutorial here...
  3. Single click email - email a student with one click
  4. Search the entire drive of a student - Can't find the file? Go deeper and search the entire contents of Drive for each student in your class to get what you need.
  5. Monitor student email activity
  6. Individual Learning Plans - this is a way to create a template (using any kind of document)