There are two types of booking systems - one for areas where bookings change regularly (set up as Google Calendars) and another for areas where the bookings are more regular (set up inside the Staff Booklet).

Booking Calendars - Google Calendar:
Please note that these links take you to a schedule page. You will need to open Google Calendar itself to add a booking. All of the calendars listed below have been shared with all staff.
  1. Hall
  2. ICT
    1. Macbook POD 1
    2. Macbook POD 2
    3. ipod Tahi - not currently available
    4. ipod Rua
    5. ipod Toru
    6. ipod Wha

Booking Calendars - Google Sheets
  1. Other Rooms inc Interview Room, Room 3 & 23 offices, and Acorn 2